Why is Clarington looking at outdoor areas, what will this study accomplish?

    The study will review our existing outdoor facilities such as sports fields, trails, parks and more to see if the Municipality has enough to meet the diverse interests and needs of our residents. The study will help identify gaps in terms of the types of outdoor facilities that are needed and will help create a 15-year plan for Clarington to fill some of the gaps identified.

    What sorts of things will the study look at?

    Outdoor recreation facilities in Clarington are typically found in parks and other open spaces.  We want to talk about everything from dog parks to sports fields, tennis courts to trails, and more. If you or others in your household play outside (or even if you don’t), we want to hear from you.

    What are some of the things that will NOT be included in the study?

    The scope of the study is limited to outdoor areas and facilities as well as any potential gaps that may exist for outdoor recreation opportunities. The study will not look at indoor sports facilities such as ice pads, indoor pools and gyms. The study will not consider the operations and maintenance of parks or facilities, user fees or the Municipal permitting process.

    How will community input be used to influence the study and its recommendations?

    We are looking for community input, as well as feedback from the various user groups (baseball, soccer etc.) and their participation data to help shape the study, and report to Council with a future plan for Clarington's outdoor recreation.

    What can residents provide input on?

    The scope of this study focuses specifically on outdoor areas. We are looking for your input on sports fields(soccer, baseball, slo-pitch, softball, football, lacrosse, rugby, cricket), outdoor tennis and pickleball  courts, outdoor basketball courts, skateboard and BMX bike facilities, bocce courts, lawn bowling greens, leash-free dog parks, water play areas and recreational trails. Let us know what is missing, what we need more of and the types of activities you and your family engage in when outdoors.

    Why is it important to take part in the study?

    This important document will guide planning and decision-making related to outdoor recreation for the next 15 years. The Municipality wants to know what YOU think so that the study reflects community needs. This study is really about the health of our community. It is important to our quality of life and how we connect with each other through recreation. Do not miss the opportunity to contribute as we want to hear your vision for the future.

    How can I contribute at an Open House?

    Drop in any time between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. on September 26 to share your input in a comfortable, free-flowing space. Information will be provided about the study, although please note that there will be no presentation. We want participants to arrive at a time that’s most convenient to them. If you are unable to attend the Open House, you can share your comments through the Ideas page or by emailing the Manager of Park Development, Peter Windolf.

    How will the study be developed?

    The Municipality of Clarington is preparing the plan over the next few months by researching trends and best practices, speaking with residents and stakeholders, and assessing needs. We will have several engagement opportunities throughout the process to ensure that we hear from all residents interested.
    A final report will be presented to Council in the Spring of 2020.